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    Tiger Woods
  • 30 December 1975 Tiger Woods was born.
  • 15 June 1997 Woods rose to the number one spot in the Official World Golf Rankings for the first time.
  • 21 June 1999 Woods won the Memorial Tournament, a victory that marked the beginning of perhaps the greatest sustained period of dominance in the history of men's golf.
  • 24 April 2004 Tiger won an auto raing event that benefited the Steve Williams Foundation to raise funds to provide sporting careers for disadvantaged youth.
  • 6 March 2005 He outdueled Phil Mickelson to win the Ford Championship at Doral, and returned to the Official World Golf Rankings' number one position in the process.
  • 10 April 2005 Woods finally broke his "drought" in the majors by winning the 2005 Masters in a tie-breaking playoff.

Tiger Woods: Golf Prodigy

Tiger Woods was born Eldrick Woods on December 30, 1975 in Cypress, California. He grew up in Los Angeles where his father, a Vietnam War Veteran and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, fostered his son’s interest in golf. The now world famous golfer was actually dubbed Tiger at birth by an old Army comrade of his father. The name stuck and now he is professionally known simply as Tiger Woods. Considered by many to be a child prodigy, Tiger began to play golf when he was just three years old. He appeared on the Mike Douglas Show and demonstrated his amazing golf skills. In 1984 he won the Junior World Golf Championships for the 9-10 boys’ event. He was actually only 8 years old at the time; however, there was not a category for that age group.

He won the Junior World Championships six times. In 1991 he won his first U.S. Junior Amateur title. He won the title twice more consecutively. Over the next three years he won three consecutive U.S. Amateur titles. After enrolling at Stanford University he won a NCAA individual golf championship. In 1996 he turned pro and won two events in three months. That same year he was named “Sportsman of the Year” by Sports Illustrated. The next year he won The Masters and has been on a roll ever since. By age 30 he had won 12 professional major golf championships. He has racked up more wins on the PGA Tour than any other golfer. On October 5, 2004 Tiger married Elin Nordegren, a Swedish model. In 2006, Tiger’s father and mentor, Earl Woods died.

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