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Take Time gives you the opportunity to buy any minute in time; past present or future.

You can buy a minute in time as a truly personal gift. Every minute is unique and can only have one owner, so once you have bought a minute, nobody else can own it.

To buy a minute in time, simply select the day, month and year using the boxes below. Once you have decided on your chosen date, click the 'Go' button and you will be taken to another screen that will let you choose the exact minute that you want to own.

After you have chosen your minute, enter the person's name who will be the owner of the minute. This will appear on their personalized Certificate of Ownership.

If you want to put a reason that you gave this minute as a gift, enter this in the 'reason' box. Your certificate will show this text after the start of the sentence "Official reason for registration:", so you should make sure that this will make sense when it is printed out.

For instance, you could write something like "this was the time that Susie was born." or "this was the time that Marcus and Julie were married in St Michael's Church.".

If you prefer not to have a reason printed on your certificate, simply remove the original suggestions we have provided by clicking your mouse in the 'reason' box.

The Universal Time Registry displays details of all times that have been sold. If you would prefer that your certificate details are not displayed on the Universal Time Registry site, select the 'No' optin after "Include these details for public viewing".

Once you are happy that all the details you have entered are correct, tick the box that says "I confirm that all of these details are correct" and the click the button that says "Click here to buy now". You will then be taken to our credit card provider's site so that you can safely and securely enter your payment details.

Once we have received your order, we will print out your personalized Certificate of Ownership, frame it and send it to you using the Royal Mail's first class delivery service. If you live outside the UK, we will send your framed Certificate of Ownership by international air mail.

Take Time is owned by John Reed, who is based in Cheltenham.

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