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    Pete Rose
  • 14 April 1939 Pete Rose was born.
  • 8 June 1960 Rose was signed by the Reds as an amateur free agent and was assigned to the Geneva Redlegs of the New York-Penn League.
  • 8 April 1963 Rose made his debut on opening day against the Pittsburg Pirates and drew a walk.
  • 23 April 1964 in the top of the ninth inning of a scoreless game in Colt Stadium, Rose reached first base on an error.
  • 14 July 1970 in brand new Riverfront Stadium (opened just two weeks earlier), Rose was involved in one of the most infamous plays in All-Star history.
  • 5 May 1978 Rose became the 13th and youngest player in major league history to collect his 3,000th career hit.
  • 13 April 1984 Rose doubled off of the Phillies’ Jerry Koosman for his 4,000th career hit, joining Ty Cobb to become only the second player to accomplish that feat.
  • 24 August 1984 Rose managed the Reds with a 426-388 record.
  • 11 September 1985 Rose broke Cobb’s all-time hit record with his 4,192nd hit, a single to left-center field off San Diego Padres pitcher Eric Show.
  • 21 March 1989 Sports Illustrated article tied him to baseball gambling.
  • 13 April 2004 First celebrity inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Fame.

A Rose by any Other Name is Pete: Pete Rose That Is

With a rough start in school sports, Pete Rose was always encouraged to play sports by his father. However, his grades were so bad that the school would not allow him to play baseball. This forced Pete Rose to play with an amateur club in which he batted .500 while playing against men rather than kids his own age. The Reds happened to be impressed with this and offered him a contract when he graduated in 1960.

Starting with the Geneva Redlegs in the minor league, Pete Rose worked his way up through the classes fairly quickly. By 1963 he was in Class A and had the chance to play with the Reds in spring training due to the second baseman’s injury. By April of 1963, Pete Rose was moving to the major league.

In his first year in the majors, Pete Rose won the National League Rookie of the Year Award. Although he slumped in 1964, Pete Rose came out swinging in 1965 to start his 10 season run of more than 200 hits and his 15 seasons in a row with a batting average of .300.

Pete Rose has also had controversy surrounding him from early on. In 1970 he was criticized for running down the catcher for a winning run and separating the catcher’s shoulder in the process. In 1973 Pete was involved in a brawl that almost ended the game with the Mets in the Championship series.

Briefly, Pete Rose went to the Phillies in 1979 for a record contract of $3.2 million for four years. After leading them to a great record, Pete went the Montreal Expos for a year before they traded him back to the Reds. After he stopped playing, Rose continued to manage the Reds.

Controversy returned when Pete Rose was questioned about his gambling during his management of the Reds. He was banned from baseball and later admitted that he had beat on the team while working as manager. The ban has kept this record breaking player from being eligible for the baseball hall of fame and from having his jersey retired by the Reds, although they have not reassigned the number to anyone else since Rose.

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