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Time, the ultimate October 31st gift!


Now, you or someone you love, can be the sole owner of any minute on October 31st, past, present or future.

For example, imagine giving your loved one the minute you met, the minute they were born or the minute you both said "I do" on October 31st. Preserve the memory of an important anniversary, a minute on the day your favourite film star was born or any other special moment on October 31st.

Now you can give that exact date and time, beautifully presented in its very own framed 'Certificate of Ownership' from the 'Universal Time Registry' for just £9.99 + p&p.

Once that minute has been taken by you, it's yours forever. Nobody else can own the same minute. This is truly a unique gift.

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Events on October 31st

  • October 31st 2002 : Enron Corp. indictments
    A federal grand jury in Houston formally indicted former Enron Corp. chief financial officer Andrew Fastow on 78 counts of wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy and obstruction of justice related to the collapse of his ex-employer.
  • October 31st 2001 : Derek Jeter: Because of the accomplishments in the 2001 World Series he received the name "Mr November"
  • October 31st 1993 : Joaquin Phoenix: he was at The Viper Room (an L.A. nightclub partly owned by Johnny Depp) when his brother River collapsed from a drug overdose and later died
  • October 31st 1984 : Indira Ghandi assassinated
    Indira Gandhi is assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards. She is no relation to Muhandas Gandhi.
  • October 31st 1956 : Dufek lands at the South Pole
    American rear admiral George John Dufek is the first person to land an airplane at the South Pole.
  • October 31st 1941 : Reuben James sinks
    While escorting a convoy of war material to Britain, the destroyer Reuben James is torpedoed and becomes the first U.S. warship to be sunk by hostile action during World War II.
  • October 31st 1517 : Ninety-Five Theses
    German theologian and religious reformer Martin Luther publishes his Ninety-Five Theses, denouncing the sale of indulgences (pardons for sins) and stressing salvation through the grace of God alone.

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