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    Neve Campbell
  • 3 October 1973 Neve Campbell was born.
  • 12 September 1994 First came on the screen in “Party of Five”.
  • 3 May 1996 Campbell's first widely released film was "The Craft".
  • 23 July 1997 Won Saturn Award in category Best Actress for horror movie "Scream".
  • 10 September 2003 The biggest earned salary $5,000,000 for the role Ry in "The Company".
  • 10 September 2004 Has a "no nudity" clause in her contract. But, she lifted it for her role in the film, "When Will I Be Loved", her first movie showing her completely nude.

Neve Campbell: An Oasis in Hollywood

Born in 1973, Campbell’s first name comes from her mother’s maiden name which means “oasis” in Hebrew or “snow” in Italian. Neve Campbell has acting in her blood. Her mother’s parents had a theater company in their homeland of the Netherlands, and her father is a drama teacher in a Canadian high school. Since her parents divorced not long after she was born, Neve grew up with mostly her father, so his interests in drama and the stage must have rubbed off on her.

Neve Campbell started in dancing at 9 when she joined the National Ballet School of Canada. She performed in The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty while there, but injuries convinced her to move into acting at age 15. She was cast in The Phantom of the Opera in Toronto’s Pantages Theatre. She received her first role as a star in a TV series called Catwalk which did not last too long on Canadian television.

Being cast in Party of Five, Neve Campbell began receiving some notice as the TV series lasted from 1994 to 2000 for her. In 1996 Campbell landed a role in a popular movie, The Craft. This led to her role in the extremely successful trilogy of Scream films followed by Wild Things, Blues Brothers 2000, and Three to Tango. Since filming the movies often conflicted with her Party of Five tapings, she decided to leave the show in order to focus more on the big screen.

Since the huge success in Scream, Neve Campbell has appeared in several not so widely released movies although most have received decent reviews. She co-wrote and produced, as well as starred in the movie The Company. In 2004 Neve Campbell apparently broke her no nudity clause for the movie When Will I Be Loved, but the movie did not make a widespread release.

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