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    Mickey Mantle
  • 20 October 1931 Mickey Mantle was born.
  • 17 April 1951 New York Yankee Mickey Mantle's 1st game, he goes 1 for 4.
  • 1 May 1951 Mickey Mantle's 1st HR.
  • 4 October 1953 Mickey Mantle hits a grand slam in World Series.
  • 19 June 1955 Mickey Mantle hits career HR # 100.
  • 20 June 1956 At Detroit's Briggs Stadium, Mickey Mantle hits 2 Billy Hoeft pitches into right center field bleachers (no else hits 1 there).
  • 20 November 1962 Mickey Mantle wins AL Most Valuable Player for the third time.
  • 27 February 1963 Mickey Mantle of New York Yankees sign a baseball contract worth $100,000.
  • 29 August 1964 On Elston Howard Night, Mickey Mantle ties Babe Ruth's career strikeout record (1,330).
  • 18 September 1965 Mickey Mantle Day at Yankee Stadium: Mantle play his 2,000th game.
  • 12 April 1970 Yankees dedicate plaques to Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio.
  • 12 August 1974 Yankees Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford become 1st teammates elected to hall of fame on same day.
  • 13 August 1995 Mickey Mantle died.

Mickey Mantle: Hitting it Home

Although very athletic as a teen playing basketball, baseball, and football, Mickey Mantle almost didn’t have a leg to stand on, literally. A football injury to his shin became infected with osteomyelitis which nearly caused him to have the leg amputated. Luckily, penicillin has just been discovered, which saved his leg and his life. However, the leg kept him from going into the military and caused problems later on as well.

Mickey Mantle’s career began with the Baxter Springs Whiz Kids when a Yankees’ talent scout came to a game in which Mantle hit two homeruns, one from each side of the plate. His father had taught him to be a switch-hitter. Extremely impressed, the scout could not sign him yet because he was only 16 and still in school. However, after he graduated Mickey did sign with the Yankees in 1949.

With the Yankees, Mickey Mantle achieved many outstanding feats. He held the World Series records for home runs, runs scored, and runs batted in. He also hit the longest home runs in baseball history. Mickey Mantle also won the Hickok Belt, three MVP award, and the Major League Triple Crown.

Retiring in 1969, Mickey Mantle was inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974, and his uniform was retired. He tried his hand in the restaurant business, but did not do so well until his sports bar opened in New York. Mantle was suspended from baseball in 1983 because he was working at a casino; however, he was reinstated in 1985.

After a troubled marriage and alcoholism, Mantle sought help in 1994. However, he and three of his sons developed heart troubles or cancer because of their hard abuse. Even though he got a liver transplant in 1995, Mickey Mantle died of liver cancer that same year because it had spread over his body.

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