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    Melissa Joan Hart
  • 18 April 1976 Melissa Joan Hart was born.
  • 31 July 1989 Title role in "Clarissa Explains It All".
  • 27 September 1996 Lead role for the 1995 TV movie Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.
  • 1 October 1999 Hart appeared in lingerie in a series of photos featured for men's magazine Maxim.
  • 15 April 2000 Won Kid's Choice Award in category Favourite Television Actress for movie "Drive Me Crazy".
  • 19 July 2003 Hart married musician Mark Wilkerson, member of the band Course of Nature.

Bewitching to Us All: Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart is a household name to anyone with teenaged girls. She started in commercials as a baby advertising Splashy, a bathtub toy. After that she made 25 commercials before she had turned five. Her TV career included small parts on Kane & Abel, The Equalizer, and the TV movie Christmas Snow. When she became the understudy to three girls in the play The Crucible, she began her path to the star role of the Nickelodeon series Clarissa Explains It All; hence, the teenage girl reference. This show won her 3 of the four nominations for the Young Artist Award. She also cut two albums as the character which did not get great public notice, but it did win her the Parentsí Choice award.

Once the series was cancelled, Melissa Joan Hart decided to go to college. However, she didnít finish her degree because she landed the star role in the TV movie Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. This role led to the TV series with the same name for seven seasons. While working with the series, Melissa Joan Hart made appearances in Touched by an Angel and had lead roles in various TV movies.

Trying to break free of her little girl image, Melissa Joan Hart stirred up a little scandal by poising in lingerie for a menís magazine and allowing other revealing pictures in two other magazines. Since Sabrina was supposed to be a wholesome show for kids, the producers were upset with Hart and demanded an apology. Although they threatened to fire her, she did not apologize and they did not fire her.

All grown up now, Melissa Joan Hart married Mark Wilkerson in 2003 and had their first child in 2006. She has dabbled in directing on Sabrina, so we may see Hart acting or directing when she decides to bewitch us once again.

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