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Time, the ultimate May 25th gift!


Now, you or someone you love, can be the sole owner of any minute on May 25th, past, present or future.

For example, imagine giving your loved one the minute you met, the minute they were born or the minute you both said "I do" on May 25th. Preserve the memory of an important anniversary, a minute on the day your favourite film star was born or any other special moment on May 25th.

Now you can give that exact date and time, beautifully presented in its very own framed 'Certificate of Ownership' from the 'Universal Time Registry' for just £9.99 + p&p.

Once that minute has been taken by you, it's yours forever. Nobody else can own the same minute. This is truly a unique gift.

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Events on May 25th

  • May 25th 2004 : Avril Lavigne: “Under My Skin” is her second album In its first week of release, it reached number one on both the Billboard 200 and UK Albums Chart
  • May 25th 1986 : Hands Across America
    Hands Across America was a benefit event in which millions of people held hands for fiteen minutes across the continental United States. Despite several breaks in the chain, enough people participated to form an unbroken chain.
  • May 25th 1977 : Star Wars debuts in theaters
    The original Star Wars movie, now called Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, opens in theaters and would eventually become the highest grossing film of all time.
  • May 25th 1975 : Dale Earnhardt: Made stock car racing debut finishing 22nd in the World 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • May 25th 1659 : Richard Cromwell resigns as Lord Protector of England
    Richard Cromwell, son of the more famous Oliver Cromwell, resigns as Lord Protector of England. His resignation eventually led to the restoration of the monarchy with the return of exiled King Charles II.
  • May 25th 1521 : Martin Luther declared an outlaw
    The Diet of Worms officially ends with the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, issuing the Edict of Worms which declared Martin Luther an outlaw.

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