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    Matt Leblanc
  • 25 July 1967 Matt Leblanc was born.
  • 22 September 1994 The TV series "Friends" started, where Joey was the most known of his television roles.
  • 17 April 1995 Appeared on the cover of magazine "People Weekly".
  • 3 May 2003 LeBlanc is married to Melissa McKnight.
  • 9 September 2004 Starred in his own sitcom "Joey" on American television network NBC.
  • 9 January 2005 won People's Choice Award in Favorite Male Television Star nominee.

“How You Doing?” Matt LeBlanc

Best known for his character of Joey Tribbiani on the sitcom Friends, Matt LeBlanc actually began his career as a model. Probably his most notably cover was on the front of Spartacus International Gay Guide. Apparently, his modeling agency sold the photograph to the magazine who puts a disclaimer that the cover models are not necessarily gay.

One of his first television roles was the boyfriend of Kelly Bundy on Married with Children. The role on Friends lasted the entire run of the sitcom from 1994 to 2004. During this time, Matt LeBlanc also appeared in movies such as Lost in Space, and Charlie’s Angels, The Killing Box, Ed, Lookin‘ Italian, and All the Queen‘s Men. Once Friends was discontinued, Matt LeBlanc tried a spin-off from his character entitled Joey, but the show did not do well and was cancelled.

Matt LeBlanc has made the news with his personal life as well. After marrying Melissa McKnight and having a daughter with cortical dysphasia, Matt had to apologize publicly in 2005 for inappropriate behavior with a stripper. Eventually, the couple separated and divorced to move on to date others.

After such a successful run on a long-term sitcom, Matt LeBlanc is just really starting his career in acting. With so many opportunities before him, we will probably see him popping up in other successful acting arenas. But then again, that success on Friends has most likely put him into the position to do whatever he likes whenever he likes, so he may keep us guessing.

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