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    Liv Tyler
  • 1 July 1977 Liv Tyler was born.
  • 20 April 1993 "Get a Grip" album was released, after which she first became known to TV audiences when she starred alongside Alicia Silverstone in the Aerosmith music video “Crazy” single.
  • 14 June 1996 Her successful movie "Stealing Beauty" was released.
  • 6 December 1996 Her first cameo role in “Everyone Says I Love You”, a musical directed by Woody Allen was cut .
  • 1 July 1998 Her appearance in "Armageddon" (which was released on her 21st birthday ) made her known to a very wide public.
  • 25 March 2003 She married British musician Royston Langdon of the band "Spacehog".

Liv Tyler: Love Child

Born in 1977 to Bebe Buell, model and Playboy Playmate, Liv did not know she was the daughter of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. After seeing Tyler and his daughter at several visits, Liv put two and two together and got the confirmation from her mother that Tyler was indeed her father. Liv then took Tyler’s last name by age 12. At fourteen Liv Tyler and her mother moved to New York where she began her modeling career. It only took her one year of modeling to decide that it wasn’t for her and that she would rather be an actress.

She was quickly cast for two movies at the same time: Silent Fall and Heavy. Since the producers of Heavy wanted her specifically, they delayed starting the film until she was finished with Silent Fall. Liv Tyler was involved in many movies that proved successful by the time she was twenty years old. Her most famous roles were in Armageddon and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Currently she has two movies in the works: Empty City and Coin Locker Babies.

Liv Tyler is an amazing actress considering that she is dyslexic and has never taken formal acting training. She also refuses to conform to the Hollywood standard of having to be extremely thin to get work. With that type of attitude and hard work, Liv Tyler should be a good role model for girls out there that may struggle with learning disabilities and society’s views of the perfect female image.

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