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    Kim Basinger
  • 8 December 1953 Kim Basinger was born.
  • 16 April 1977 First appearance on TV in crime series "Dog and Cat".
  • 4 February 1983 Posed naked for the cover of magazine "Playboy".
  • 23 June 1989 The movie "Batman" was released for which she received her biggest sum of money $251,188,000.
  • 9 July 1992 Kim Basinger gets 1,959th star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.
  • 24 March 1997 Won Academy Award for best supporting actress in movie "L.A. Confidential".

From Shy Schoolgirl to Top of the World: Kim Basinger

Although Kim Basinger was a shy girl, her parents, who were both performers, enrolled her in ballet classes to help her overcome that. It surely worked since she entered Athens Junior Miss contest in her hometown of Athens, Georgia and went on to the state and national contest. In New York at the national contest, Kim Basinger was recruited by the Ford Modeling Agency.

Kim Basinger had established a successful modeling career by the age of twenty, earning $1,000 a day. While modeling throughout the 70’s for many different magazines, Kim took acting classes. She performed in clubs and sang until she got a break on TV series such as Charlie’s Angels.

Moving into film, Kim Basinger performed in Never Say Never Again and Nadine in the 80’s. Her real break was in the role of Vicki Hale in Batman. In the early 90’s, Kim married Alec Baldwin having a daughter that she took a hiatus to stay home with. When she picked up her career again, she won an Oscar for L.A. Confidential. Her biggest salary came from I Dreamed of Africa, which made her a real big-time star.

Kim Basinger also has other interests outside of acting. She actively supports animal rights and gives her time to PETA. She also became involved in an investment group which bought a small Georgia town for $20 million.

Although her shyness reappeared as agoraphobia (fear of large, open spaces) which would lock her away for up to six months, she attended therapy to overcome it. This may have accounted for going back on a verbal agreement to take a role in the movie Boxing Helena in 1993, which got her sued (she did win on appeal). Battling such issues, Kim Basinger has made amazing strides in her career and will probably continue to do so.

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