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    Jessica Biel
  • 3 March 1982 Jessica Biel was born.
  • 26 April 1996 The series "7th Heaven" premiered on Monday on The WB (now The CW).
  • 5 June 2004 Was nominated for MTV Movie Award Breakthrough Female Performance for movie "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre".
  • 8 December 2004 Became one of the most popular young actresses after New Line Cinema's ďBlade: TrinityĒ.
  • 29 July 2005 The Cameron Crowe's "Elizabethtown" was released starring Jessica as Ellen Kishmore, although she was auditioned for the main role.
  • 20 January 2006 The movie "Illusionist" premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and will have a limited release in theaters in August.

Jessica Bielís Adventure to Fame

Jessica Biel is no stranger to adventure. Born in Minnesota, she first lived in a little cabin while her father was the program director for an Outward Bound school. Her adventuresome family has definitely influenced her sense of fun and perseverance. Living in six different states, Jessica became more attached to Colorado than any other because she stayed there the longest. The family also had some influence in getting her into show business. She easily began dancing, singing, and acting in musicals because of other musically talented family members.

As a youngster, Jessica performed in local productions such as Annie, the dream role for every little nine year old girl. Her first television appearance was in the series 7th Heaven in which she played the oldest teenaged daughter of a minister in a small town for five seasons. Jessica broke into film in a remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre named Summer Catch. Since then, she has snagged roles in Cellular and the newest of the series of Blade films called Blade: Trinity, along with Stealth and Elizabethtown. In 2005, Jessica was named Female Star if Tomorrow by the ShoWest Convention.

If you are a Jessica Biel fan, you can find plenty of pictures and memorabilia on her personal, official website. She shares her thoughts and feelings on her life and career and offers the chance to sign up more detailed access. There is even a store where you can buy official souvenirs. Jessica reaches out to her fans in a personal way that makes you feel like she really appreciates where she is.

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