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Gabrielle Union: Activist, Actress and Model

Gabrielle Union was born October 29, 1972 in Omaha, Nebraska. At the age of eight she moved to California with her parents and excelled in sports during high school in such sports as soccer, basketball and track & field. During this time she was known as Nikki, most likely due to her middle name, Monique. At the age of 20 she was raped at gunpoint while working in a retail store and has since made domestic violence and sexual assault a personal mission, visiting congress to speak about the matter.

While her original goal was to become a lawyer and she attended a degree in sociology, she would eventually intern at a modeling agency for extra credits while studying at UCLA. When she was invited to sign as a model with the agency, her future career as a highly successful model began. In the beginning she accepted the offer in order to pay off some debts she owed; however, it turned out that she had a knack for modeling as well as acting.

Her appearance in Bring it On in 2000 brought much exposure her way and led to appearances on talk shows as well as magazine covers. She later appeared in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” as well as independent films. Since that time she has continued her acting career with additional films and continues to be widely regarded as a popular model

From 2001 to 2005 Gabrielle Union was married to NFL player Chris Howard. After their separation she began dating Hill Harper; author and actor.

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