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    Elvis Presley
  • 8 January 1935 Elvis Presley was born.
  • 3 October 1945 Elvis Presley's 1st public appearance, he is 10.
  • 8 January 1946 He received a guitar purchased from Tupelo Hardware Store.
  • 18 July 1953 Elvis Presley paid $8.25 to record the first of two double-sided demos acetates at Sun Studios "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin".
  • 5 April 1954 Elvis Presley records his debut single, "That's All Right".
  • 5 March 1955 Elvis Presley's 1st TV appearance on "Louisiana Hayride" show.
  • 1 January 1956 Records "Heartbreak Hotel" for RCA in Nashville.
  • 22 February 1956 Elvis Presley's 1st hit in Billboard's top 10: "Heartbreak Hotel".
  • 28 September 1956 RCA Records reports Elvis Presley sold over 10 million records.
  • 15 November 1956 Elvis Presley's 1st film "Love Me Tender," premieres in New York City.
  • 6 January 1957 Elvis Presley makes his 7th and final appearance on Ed Sullivan Show.
  • 12 May 1960 Elvis Presley appears on a Frank Sinatra special.
  • 26 January 1961 "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" by Elvis Presley peaks to #1.
  • 27 July 1965 Beatles came in America especially to meet Elvis Presley.
  • 26 June 1977 Elvis Presley sings in Indianapolis, last performance of his career.
  • 16 August 1977 Elvis Presley died.

Elvis Presley: The King Lives On

Elvis Aaron Presley was born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Growing up poor, with his father having served time for fraud, it has been reported that Elvis often felt isolated and an outsider. After his father moved to Memphis in 1943 to find work, returning home to visit the family on weekends, Elvis became quite close with his mother. Five years later the entire family moved to Memphis and young Elvis began to sing in church. During his teenage years he would spend a lot of time on the African-American section of town, especially on Beale Street; which would contribute to his love of Blues.

After graduating high school he worked as a time for a truck driver. In 1953 he paid to record two demos at Sun Studios as birthday presents for his mother. He would later return and pay to record another demo and was called in by the founder of Sun Records, Sam Phillips. In the beginning he filled in for a missing singer and eventually impressed Phillips his rendition of a blues song, “That’s All Right.” The song was released that summer and almost immediately became a local hit. Before long Elvis Presley began touring regularly in and out of state.

Ironically, after his first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, the producers did not feel his career would amount to anything. He continued performing; however and soon his music began to reach the top of the charts. In 1955 he signed with “Colonel” Tom Parker and began an extremely successful music career that would span three decades before dying at the age of 42 at his home, Graceland.

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