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Time, the ultimate December 5th gift!


Now, you or someone you love, can be the sole owner of any minute on December 5th, past, present or future.

For example, imagine giving your loved one the minute you met, the minute they were born or the minute you both said "I do" on December 5th. Preserve the memory of an important anniversary, a minute on the day your favourite film star was born or any other special moment on December 5th.

Now you can give that exact date and time, beautifully presented in its very own framed 'Certificate of Ownership' from the 'Universal Time Registry' for just £9.99 + p&p.

Once that minute has been taken by you, it's yours forever. Nobody else can own the same minute. This is truly a unique gift.

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Events on December 5th

  • December 5th 2003 : Gwyneth Paltrow: Married Chris Martin of the British Rock group Coldplay in a secret wedding
  • December 5th 2001 : George Clooney: The movie "Ocean's Eleven" was released for which received the biggest salary in his salary $20,000,000
  • December 5th 2001 : Brad Pitt: The movie "Ocean's Eleven" was released for which received the biggest salary in his career $30,000,000
  • December 5th 1999 : Cindy Crawford: Participated on VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards
  • December 5th 1997 : Ben Affleck: The movie "Good Will Hunting" was released, written by him and Matt Damon and sold for $600,000
  • December 5th 1955 : AFL-CIO formed
    The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), a federation of autonomous trade unions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, is formed.
  • December 5th 1955 : Montgomery Bus Boycott
    The Montgomery bus boycott begins. Planned in part by Martin Luther King, Jr., the boycott is a protest against the city's segregation laws, following the arrest of NAACP secretary Rosa Parks.
  • December 5th 1872 : Mystery of the Mary Celeste
    Having left New York on Nov. 5, the brigantine Mary Celeste was found adrift off Portugal with everyone aboard mysteriously missing.
  • December 5th 1791 : Mozart dies
    Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died in Vienna, Austria, at the young age of 35.
  • December 5th 1776 : First American scholastic fraternity
    The first scholastic fraternity in America, Phi Beta Kappa, was organized at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va.

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