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    Babe Ruth
  • 6 February 1895 Babe Ruth was born.
  • 22 April 1914 "The Babe" pitched his first professional game, a six-hit, 6-0 victory over the Buffalo Bisons.
  • 5 July 1919 Red Sox Babe Ruth hits 2 home runs in a game for his 1st of 72 times.
  • 3 January 1920 New York Yankees purchase Babe Ruth from Red Sox for $125,000.
  • 10 June 1921 Babe Ruth becomes all time HR champ with #120, Gavvy Cravath.
  • 12 July 1921 Babe Ruth sets record of 137 career home runs.
  • 2 March 1927 Babe Ruth becomes highest paid baseball player ($70,000 per year).
  • 29 October 1927 Babe Ruth ties record by hitting grand slams in consecutive games.
  • 2 June 1935 Being 40 years old he announces his retirement as a player.
  • 14 July 1942 The movie "The Pride of Yankees" was released with Babe Ruth starring himself.
  • 13 June 1948 His final farewell, while attending the Yankees 25th anniversary celebration of the opening of Yankee Stadium.
  • 16 August 1948 Babe Ruth died.

Babe Ruth: Baseball Legend

Babe Ruth was born George Herman Ruth on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. The house where he was born stood only a block from where Oriole Park at Camden Yards is now located. The small apartment in which he was raised was located almost exactly at the center field of Oriole Parkís present day location. Known during his childhood as George, the future Babe reportedly had a troubled childhood; skipping school, committing petty crimes and drinking and chewing tobacco by the time he was just 7 years old. As a last resort he was sent to a Catholic school. Brother Matthias, the schoolís disciplinarian, introduced young George to baseball. He originally started out as the schoolís catcher; however, when he taunted his own pitcher during a game one day Brother Mathias switched him to pitcher as a sort of punishment. Young George ended up shutting down the other team. The owner and manager of the Baltimore Orioles, Jack Dunn, learned of George through the Brother and when Ruth was just 19 he signed with the minor league team as pitcher. After appearing at spring training with a strong performance, he was nicknamed. Dunnís Babe. At least part of the nickname stuck and the rest was history.

When he pitched his first pro game on April 22, 1914 the Orioles achieved a 6-0 victory over the Buffalo Bisons. That same year due to financial problems, Dunn found himself forced to sell Ruthís contract to the owner of the Boston Red Sox. In 1920, due to financial problems and arguments with Ruth himself, The Babe was sold to the New York Yankees. Almost immediately, the Red Sox began to experience even further problems. For the next 86 years they were unable to win any World Series. This has often been referred to as the Curse of the Bambino. In contrast, the Yankees began to achieve phenomenal success. During this time, playing in New York, Ruth became a national icon. In 1935, Ruth returned to Boston to play for the Boston Braves. In May of that year; however, he injured his knee after striking out in the first inning. He retired the next day. Ruth spent his retirement years playing golf and hoping for a chance to coach a major league team; a dream that never came to fruition. He died on August 16, 1948 of throat cancer.

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