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Time, the ultimate August 6th gift!


Now, you or someone you love, can be the sole owner of any minute on August 6th, past, present or future.

For example, imagine giving your loved one the minute you met, the minute they were born or the minute you both said "I do" on August 6th. Preserve the memory of an important anniversary, a minute on the day your favourite film star was born or any other special moment on August 6th.

Now you can give that exact date and time, beautifully presented in its very own framed 'Certificate of Ownership' from the 'Universal Time Registry' for just £9.99 + p&p.

Once that minute has been taken by you, it's yours forever. Nobody else can own the same minute. This is truly a unique gift.

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Events on August 6th

  • August 6th 2003 : Arnold Schwarzenegger runs for governor
    Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy to replace Gray Davis as governor of California to Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. He would later easily win against a field of over 200 candidates.
  • August 6th 2003 : Gabrielle Union: Hosted TV Show "Pepsi Smash"
  • August 6th 2001 : Rebecca Gayheart: The parents of 9-year-old Jorge Cruz Jr. struck by her as he jaywalked across the street, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit on 6 August 2001 against her
  • August 6th 1965 : Voting Rights Act of 1965
    President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which outlawed the poll taxes and literacy tests that had restricted black voter registration in the South.
  • August 6th 1945 : Hiorhiam atom bomb dropped
    The first atomic bomb used in warfare was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. The second would be at Nagasaki, Japan.
  • August 6th 1926 : First U.S. woman to swim the English Channel
    Gertrude Ederle became the first U.S. woman to swim across the English Channel. The English Channel is 112 Milies (180 km) at its widest entrance.
  • August 6th 1808 : End of the Holy Roman Empire
    The Holy Roman Empire was disolved for the last time when Francis II, Emperor of Austria, abdicated the title of Holy Roman Emperor.

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