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Time, the ultimate August 24th gift!


Now, you or someone you love, can be the sole owner of any minute on August 24th, past, present or future.

For example, imagine giving your loved one the minute you met, the minute they were born or the minute you both said "I do" on August 24th. Preserve the memory of an important anniversary, a minute on the day your favourite film star was born or any other special moment on August 24th.

Now you can give that exact date and time, beautifully presented in its very own framed 'Certificate of Ownership' from the 'Universal Time Registry' for just £9.99 + p&p.

Once that minute has been taken by you, it's yours forever. Nobody else can own the same minute. This is truly a unique gift.

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Events on August 24th

  • August 24th 1999 : Christina Aguilera: Her debut album "Christina Aguilera" was released
  • August 24th 1989 : Pete Rose suspended for life
    Baseball commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti suspends Cincinnati Reds manager and former star player Pete Rose for life for gambling on baseball.
  • August 24th 1984 : Pete Rose: Rose managed the Reds with a 426-388 record
  • August 24th 1973 : Bruce Lee: "Enter The Dragon" premiers at Graumann's Chinese Theater. The movie is a success, and Bruce Lee achieves world-wide fame
  • August 24th 1940 : Penecillin is discovered
    Australian-born British pathologist Howard Florey and German-born British biochemist Ernst Chain announce in The Lancet that they have developed penicillin for general clinical use as an antibiotic.
  • August 24th 1814 : White House set on fire
    In the last months of the War of 1812, British forces invade Washington, D.C., where they set fire to the Capitol and the White House.
  • August 24th 1572 : St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
    King Charles IX of France, under the influence of his mother, Catherine de Médicis, orders the mass killing of Huguenots, as the Protestants in France were known, in the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre.
  • August 24th 79 : Mout Vesuvius erupts
    Italian volcano Mount Vesuvius erupts, burying the cities of Herculaneum, Pompeii, and Stabaie in ashes and mud.

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