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    Alyssa Milano
  • 19 December 1972 Alyssa Milano was born.
  • 27 September 1984 Appeared first time in the television program "Who's the Boss?".
  • 4 October 1985 The movie "Commando" was released, which was the first movie she appeared in.
  • 15 November 1989 The Disney movie "The little Mermaid" was released, in which her image was used for development of Ariel.
  • 7 September 1998 Her first appearance in movies as an adult actor in TV series "Melrose Place".
  • 7 October 1998 The fantasy series "Charmed" started with Alyssa Milano in one of the main characters.

Alyssa Milano: Growing up on Television

Alyssa Milano, who launched a successful acting career when she was just a child, was born Alyssa Jayne Milano on December 19, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of eight she won a part in an open audition for the national tour of Annie. This opportunity allowed her to get her foot in the door further and landed her in several television commercials as well as off-Broadway productions. Her biggest break; however, came at the age of ten when she landed the role of Samantha Micelli in the highly popular and long time running television program “Who’s the Boss?” also starring Tony Danza and Judith Light. Three years later she began a film career, appearing in a role as the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando.

After “Who’s the Boss?” ended, it became apparent that Milano had become defined in the role of Tony Danza’s daughter. In an attempt to step out of that role, she began accepting adult film roles, many of which included nudity or even some rather graphic sex scenes. She finally made the transition to adult start with her role on “Melrose Place” and then later, “Charmed.” She has also continued to pursue a career on stage, including a role in “Butterflies are Free” in 1991, a play which she also produced. Abroad, particularly in Japan, Milano has also become a successful singer, releasing five albums; all of which have sold more than a million copies in Japan.

In addition to her highly successful career, Alyssa Milano is also a National Ambassador for UNICEF.

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